Continental Airlines DC-7 Reg no. N8214H Aeroclassic 1:400

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Airlines: Ciontinenal Airlines

Aircraft: DC-7

Registration no.: N8214H


Scale: 1:400

Brand: Aeroclassic

The Douglas DC-7 is an American transport aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company from 1953 to 1958. A derivative of the DC-6, it was the last major piston engine-powered transport made by Douglas, being developed shortly after the earliest jet airliner??賜?謍?嚗減??the de Havilland Comet??賜?謍?嚗減??entered service and only a few years before the jet-powered Douglas DC-8 first flew. Unlike other aircraft in Douglas's line of propeller-driven aircraft, no examples remain in service in the present day, as compared to the far more successful DC-3 and DC-6 (Wiki)


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